Commitment to Outstanding Job Completion


A synonym for excellence and eminence


Born and bought up in Jaipur, Bhanwar Lal Paliwal, with his inexhaustible energy built an empire out of the scratch. His futuristic outlook and hard work led him through all the obstacles to emerge as one of the leading businessmen in the construction industry. Bhanwar Lal Paliwal started his career from a hotel construction industry in 2001 and went to Kutch Border in 2006 to gain experience of different industries. He worked on Gujarat Railway Construction from 2006-07 and took Bisalpur Project on a contract basis. With an indomitable will to be a name in the construction industry, he laid down the foundation of Paliwal constructions and Developers in 2008. Under the flagship, he completed the L & T Pipeline project from Bisalpur to Jaipur in 2008-2010 and Textile Park, Bagru in 2009-2010. He also worked on Asia’s largest CSP Power plant, the thermal solar project and overtook many other Government Projects. The legacy set up by Bhanwar Lal Paliwal is still growing high and has become one of the leading construction service providers in Rajasthan. .